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Convocatòries de Línies d’Ajut R+D+i

  • del 14 de febrer de 2020 al 01 d'abril de 2020

    PRIMA - Topic 1.1.1-2020 (IA) Water Management

    Unió Europea

    Dirigit a: Any entity form the following countries: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco.

    Topic 1.1.1 refers to Priority 1.2 Water sustainability in the Mediterranean region should be ensured through improved technical tools coupled with socio-economic tools and governance, organisational and/or business models to define the limits of water use in certain key regions under present and future global change scenarios.
    Type of action: Innovation action (IA)
    Funding level: According to Horizon 2020 Rules, 70% (except for non-profit legal entities, where a rate of 100% applies)
    Technology Readiness levels (TRL): 6-7
    Duration of the projects: from 36 months to 48 months
    Submission and evaluation procedure: Two-stage application procedure. For the first stage, a short proposal (maximum 10 pages) must be submitted by the first deadline. Successful applicants in the first stage will be invited to the second stage to submit a full proposal (maximum 50 pages).

    Consortium must present at least three legal entities from three different countries, being at least one EU country and one non-EU country.